Sun, 9th of February

adkf;adkf; i miss sims

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Sun, 9th of February
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Sun, 9th of February


A small offering to my wonderful followers in response to a lovely anon..

Maud Bonham .sim

Torvald Birchgrove .sim <- Put in SavedSims folder.

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Sun, 9th of February


WIP. Half gable roofs will be the death of me I swear

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Sun, 9th of February


79 HALF LIFE 2 WALLS (originally by fiddledeedee)

I converted a lot of walls tonight. I don’t know why - brief lapse of judgement, momentary insanity. Whatever. I have lots more, so keep an eye out for those!

79 walls, found in Paint (39), Masonry (37), Panelling (2), and Tiles (1).

NON RECOLOURABLE - I find it ruins the textures by making them recolourable, so please don’t ask!

All labelled with preview pictures so you can pick what you like!


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Sun, 9th of February

you.. uhh stuck, zooey?

Tue, 24th of December
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Fri, 21st of June

GAAH, isn’t she perfect?

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Fri, 14th of June


Very much inspired by eversims

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Fri, 29th of March
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